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01 Jun 2018

Help Public Health England stop the spread of measles at your festival this summer with our handy toolkit

Help Public Health England stop the spread of measles at your festival this summer with our handy toolkit: measles festival
  • Last summer we saw a number of outbreaks of measles at festivals across England
  • Measles is incredibly infectious - you can catch the virus from just 15 minutes contact with an infected person.
  • Festivals are an ideal breeding ground for measles to spread
  • Using our toolkit and promoting a few simple key messages to prospective festival goers can help reduce the risk of an outbreak at your festival.

Dear festival organisers

Cases of measles are on the increase this year across England. We are seeing a particular increase in people aged 15-25 who are more likely to have missed out on their MMR vaccine when they were younger, and this has recently resulted in a number of outbreaks across England.

The good news is that measles can be prevented by having the MMR vaccine - and we need your help to spread this message. We have developed a toolkit (attached) which includes materials you can use in your communications with festival attendees to urge them to check their vaccination status.

W're contacting you because you either run a festival in the south of England, or we know that large numbers of people from the South of England go to your festival each year. The key things we want your help with are to:

  • Put information about measles and MMR on your website for people to read
  • Include information in e-mails for people who have bought a ticket
  • Use your social media channels to spread the word using PHE images and key messages (see attached and follow links in the toolkit)
  • Display posters (which we can supply for free) and give out measles information leaflets at your festival

If you have any questions please feel free to use the contact details below. We'll be tagging festival twitter accounts in our tweets in the weeks before each festival so if you spot a tweet from @PHE_SouthWest please retweet us!

Best wishes

Public Health England South comms team

Contact Information

Georgie Tombleson
0117 968 9113